Laptop, Desktop, All-in-one PC Repair Services


We are capable of upgrades, repair, and servicing of all brands and models of Laptops/ Desktops/ All-in-one PC.

Brands: Asus, Lenovo, Thinkpad, Acer, Samsung, HP, Fujitsu, NEC, Sony, Toshiba, Dell, IBM, Alienware, Gateway, LG, Compaq, Macbook, iMac,...etc.


Bring your device to us today! Or you can also opt for pickup and delivery services. Call/SMS 90111715 to arrange for transportation.


 Laptop, Desktop, All-in-one PC Repair Services - Singapore

Click on following symptoms to read more. Please understand that there are too many other issues to be listed.

Below only shows the more common symptoms.

For enquiries, onsite services and/or transport arrangement, call/SMS 90111715

You may also bring your device to our shop.

Having problem with booting in your Windows or Mac OS? 

We will access to see if there is any hardware issues that cause this problem.

Then we will quote you accordingly to see if you want to proceed with the repair or not.

We have all installation and driver packs available at our repair base.

All product key will be original. It will be retrieve from your own computer using our software. 

If Data is important and need to be retrieve, we also offer Data Recovery Services. 

unable to enter OS    bluescreen

Very slow during start up? Have to wait up to 5 to 15mins or longer?

Sometimes will hang if try to click something immediately after start up?

We can fix it for you! 

If you encounter this problem, you most likely have alot of "unwanted" applications or virus. 

We usually advise customer to do a full clean up and the speed will be improved.

However, it may also be due to faulty parts e.g. Harddisk or RAM error

We will quote you once we finish accessing your computer and you can decide to repair or not.

Unable to download and install updates for your windows even after setting to automatic download and install?

Unable to check for updates?

We can do that for you! After updates, your computer will be slightly faster too!

unable to update

Very slow during start up?

Alot of advertisements showing up at right hand bottom corner?

Alot of startup programs causing system to be very slow?

Virus attack!? Ransomware!?

We can remove all unneccessary programmes, virus, and also install premium internet security if required to protect you from unwanted threats!

ransonware virus     virus attack

Forgot your password?

We can reset your log in password without losing any data!

password removal kallang

Laptop is very hot? 

Fan doesn't seem to be working?

Usually overheating can be due to lot of dust trapping in your laptop, usually around fan area and air output area.

Your thermal paste/ thermal compound needs to be replaced as well.

Prolonged overheating issue can lead to damage of motherboard. 

We suggest a yearly maintanence to this so as to prolong your motherboard health.

laptop overheating toa payoh  laptop repair lavendar

Your laptop cannot be turn on?

There's light but no display on screen?

You encountered auto shutdown issues while using?

Bring your computer to us today or arrange for transportation services at 90111715 so that our technician can access your problem.

We suggest doing a full diagnostic so that we can confirm all other parts are in good working condition.

Unable to charge your battery or unable to charge to 100%?

Your battery wear level might be too high.

Or, in few cases, your battery already swells and is bloated.

Stop using your battery if it's already bloated as it may futher damage your motherboard if there's any short circuit.

laptop battery singapore

Preparing to sell your computer?

Want to fully erase data and particulars in computer?

Unable to view certain files and require software installation help?

We have installation packages for all different windows (Windows XP, vista, 7, 8, 10) and mac OS.

reformat laptop toa payoh

Hear some clicking sound in your computer?

Mostly clicking sound is due to harddisk error.

Usually, a replacement is needed. If data is required, you can opt for data recovery as well.

clicking hdd toa payoh

There are different type of beeping sound and causes for it. 

Different beeping sound can warn you of failure of different hardware.

It could be due to RAM, keyboard, graphic card...

Our technician will need to access the exact problem first.

If you encounter any water damage on your laptop?

Please stop using your computer right away to prevent further damage of other parts. 

water damage

We have replacement parts for all laptop/desktop/ All-in-one PC.

Most of the parts are on hand so as to reduce waiting time for customers (time taken to order parts can be eliminate).

Parts available but do not limit to: Harddisk (HDD), Solid State Drive (SSD), screen, RAM, laptop keyboard, internal speaker, casing, power supply (PSU), motherboard, graphic card, processor, battery, chargers, DVD drive, charging port, fan, cpu fan, ...etc

computer parts replacement singapore          laptop parts replacement bishan






Apple Certified Mac Technician

Specialist for Mac & Gaming PC repair service in Singapore.


CompFix Computer

Bedok Branch

84 Bedok North Street 4 #01-29 Singapore 460084

Call 9176 6334

Fajar Shopping Center Branch

Blk 445, Fajar Road, #02-524, Singapore 670445

Call 9176 6334


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Apple Service Centre

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Data Recovery 

- Recover data from faulty computer

- Recover data from faulty storage drives

   (HDD, SSD, memory card, thumbdrive)

- Recover corrupted data

- Recover data from formatted drives

- All photos, documents, music,

  videos can be recovered

Laptop, Desktop, All-in-one PC 

- Upgrade services

- Parts replacement

- Software related issues

- Motherboard, Graphic issues

- Cracked screen

- Water damage 

- All problems, all models can be fix

iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro

- Logic Board, Graphics Replace/ Repair

- Screen/ airport/ keyboard replacement

- Firmware lock

- Software corrupted

- Powersupply replacement

- All other issues

- Upgrade speed/ capacity