macbook A1508

Macbook A1502 water damage

Keyboard replacement

Water damage

Internal cleaning to remove any liquid residues

imac repair bishan

iMac Repair 

Water damage

Screen replacement

Powersupply replacement


macbook air repair singapore

MacBook Air repair services

No power

No display

Keyboard replacement

Battery replacement

macbook air repair singapore

Macbook Air/ Macbook Pro/ Retina

Repair and Upgrade services available

- Liquid damage

- Crack Screen (Retina display)

- Logic Board

- Graphic issue

- Battery replacement

- Keyboard replacement

- Firmware lock

- Software problems

- Speaker replacement

- Storage Drive replacement

- Data Recovery


Data Recovery 

- Recover data from faulty computer

- Recover data from faulty storage drives

   (HDD, SSD, memory card, thumbdrive)

- Recover corrupted data

- Recover data from formatted drives

- All photos, documents, music,

  videos can be recovered

Laptop, Desktop, All-in-one PC 

- Upgrade services

- Parts replacement

- Software related issues

- Motherboard, Graphic issues

- Cracked screen

- Water damage 

- All problems, all models can be fix

iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro

- Logic Board, Graphics Replace/ Repair

- Screen/ airport/ keyboard replacement

- Firmware lock

- Software corrupted

- Powersupply replacement

- All other issues

- Upgrade speed/ capacity